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We provide information also in English. Here is the brief indroduction of our services.

Annual maintenance is the service which in done once a year. It includes oil (5W-40), oil filter and 15 points check up for your car. The list of check points is available by request.

Scheduled maintenance is done either according the mileage or the age of your car. It is major service than annual service including oil (5W-40), oil-, fresh air-, and motorsfilters. The check up list is also larger.

Service for the inspection which is done before you take your car to the inspection station. The purpose of service is that your car will pass the inspection. If we find some problems during the check up then you and us discuss what we will repaire before the inspection.

By diagnostic service we will find out possible problems in your car and repare them before they will cause bigger problems.

Windshield and other glass services. We can provide and install the new windshield into your car in one day. We use only the original (OEM) glasses. Other glasses for your car is also available.

Services for the insurance companies. If your car is damaged and your insurance covers the damages then you have make a report for the insurance company. After that you can contact us and bring the car here. We will then contact the insurance company and send them photos, if needed. When we get the permit from the insurance company we will repaire your car, bill the insurance company etc.

NOTE: if you have windshield and towing insurance, then the insurance company will also pay the costs and you pay only your own retention.

The towing service is provided for your car if it does not start or it has been involve in accident or so and it cant be driven.

The replacement car, if needed, for you is available during the time when your car is here in the service.

Tyres and the electrical service is available.

Washing and waxing service is available.

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